Moskito is an agency specializing in communication and marketing, bringing together different areas of expertise such as graphic design, web design, copywriting, designing advertising campaigns, editing and producing of video spots, and more. Above all, it’s the development of communication strategies that allow us to create effective solutions and bring an added extra.

A multicultural team

Young adults, grown-ups, women, men,… Our team consists of smart humans (…and dogs!) from various cultures who bring a large array of skills to the agency (‘no-hands-bone-crunching’ might be an example, yes we just invented a word). Our staff members are Luxembourgish, German, French, but no matter their origins, they all call Luxembourg their home. We know Luxembourg like the back of our hand: its culture, its media, its traditions, what characterizes it and what makes it unique. We wouldn’t recommend a campaign with Santa Claus, for example, if your message is destined to target Luxembourgers. We could however mention “Kleeschen”. Perfectly mastering the culture of the country, proposing communication strategies that match the target is much better, isn’t it?

Multifaceted skills & profiles

Graphic designer, editor, marketing and/or communication specialist, project manager, developer, accountant, media planer, art director, photography passionate, creative, young parent, newlywed, traveller, athlete, musician, gourmet, aesthete, passionates of history, letters, art,.. in short: a beautiful composition that creates the face of our agency. Competence, passion, talent and interest come together to give life to something imaginative, something rich in experience.


Competence + joy = efficiency. Magic formula? Yep… guess so. Linking one’s interests to one’s competences is the mixture that leads to joy of working, commitment and performance. At Moskito, we’re open to everyone’s passion to give our allies the ingredients to cook the recipe they’re so hungry for. The result: multiple competences and well-done work.

Team spirit and being close

Small team or big family, being a limited number of nine-to-fivers (sometimes eight-to-sixers) is our advantage. Although the walls of our house are thick and the recording studio’s walls are soundproof, the door is always open. We all stay informed about everyone’s projects – being this close allows us to offer our client a privileged bond.


Another advantage of the size of our team is flexibility. By keeping up with all the projects that we’re confided with, we are more than able to adapt to the different needs, the delays, the emergencies, and the little details that make the difference. Strong believers of the saying “when there is a will, there is a way”, we’ll do anything we possibly can to meet the needs or even anticipate them.


We’re not a provider, we consider ourselves your partner. We don’t simply execute requests, we collaborate on mutual projects. The relation with our client is based on trust, loyalty and moreover: transparency. Our goal is long-term activity. Most of our clients have been devoted to us for years. Regarding the others… we’ll make sure that they become devoted as well;)

We value our clients’ feedback more than anything… but we’re not going to lie, we don’t mind being acknowledged by others for our work, too.


Carole Retter

Carole Retter

Sonia Hoffmann

Sonia Hoffmann

Dinah Reuland
Administrative Assistant

Dinah Reuland

Ben Olinger Moskito
Creative Director

Ben Olinger

Senior Project Manager & Copywriter

Albane Couvent

Nils Kontz Moskito
Digital Project Manager

Nils Kontz

Project Manager

Li Hoffmann

Selma Muhovic Moskito
Graphic Designer

Selma Muhovic

Maë Sistermann Moskito
Graphic Designer & Photographer

Maë Sistermann

Gaïa Joyeux Moskito
Graphic Designer

Gaïa Joyeux