Graphic design is known as the realisation of visuals or illustrations but it’s far more than that. Advertising design, adjustments to different formats (press, web, displaying), we also create occasional or recurrent publications that may be intended for direct marketing ranging from flyers to pamphlets, journals to brochures, magazines, booklets or alluring books. Graphic design is also car or window lettering, signage for offices, businesses, even medical practices or fair booths. The media being as varied as the needs, such as airport terminals, Valorlux bags or printing on yoga matts…

Strategy is the hidden part of the iceberg, the part we don’t see, the part that carries the weight of it all – it’s the foundation, the roots, … in short: without that part, every business’ action risks less efficiency or even failure. Ever heard of Pareto’s law? 20% effort for 80% results. Strategy: looking for the best formulas, the best investment return, efficiency, profitability. Market research, marketing analysis, media planning, non-media action, defining targets and goals, planning, budgeting, finding the right expressions and tone, giving recommendations.

Before investing, whether it’s a question of time or budget it’s important to reflect on certain aspects beforehand: Who are you? Where do you come from? Where are you going? What results are you aiming for and why? Who are you reaching out to? We know our field as well as we know the Luxembourgish market hence we can ensure to guide you no matter the approach you chose to take.

Creating a logo, defining corporate identity guidelines, finding a name for a product or a brand, launching a new brand, designing a visual identity, imagining a baseline and associating it to a logo, creating identity cards and stationary, renewing or inventing a fresh branding, designing a packaging,… these are only a few examples of what it means to create a corporate identity.

Creating a website? Yes. BUT: Nowadays, we have to think user-friendly first. Computer screen or smartphone, responsive design or application, we establish the design and the entire conception from the navigation to the visual parts. This means finding hosting solutions, creating landing pages and wireframes or designing static or animated web banners.

Language, tone, style, lexical field, what you want to communicate and convey, to whom and how, is what is defined in strategy but made in editorial. From conducting interviews to writing articles we also create slogans, baselines, catch-phrases, marketing content, text adaptions, professional proof-reading and translation.

We propose the creation of music, accoustic identity and jingles, all the while showing flexibility and reactivity at the same time. We also carry out video spots for web, television and cinema.