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Moskito is a full service advertising agency consisting of an experienced team of advertising professionals with audio and video communication specialists, graphic design artists, marketing experts, skilled web-designers and new media adepts – all of whom are placing their talents at your disposal.

The moskito philosophy can be recapped around 3 main areas




Moskito is an independent agency and preserves its freedom of thoughts, creativity and actions in order to best serve a client’s needs.



In the moskito team we are endowed with a great sense of creativity and are highly enthusiastic for all projects that are entrusted to us. Thanks to our unique competencies, our distinct approach to communication in general, our extensive knowledge of the market and its players and of course our ability to listen, we are great at capturing and understanding our client’s worlds. This allows us to best respond to their needs and wants. This comprehension is developed through a relationship of trust and mutual respect.



Honesty, whether on an individual or financial basis, is one of moskito’s main values. Being transparent with the client is the basis for making integrity work . The strongly believe that our services can add value to you and your company. We will present our work in a transparent and comprehensible way to further encourage the mutual trust relationship.

What do we do?

Have a look at our work portfolio and find selected examples of our work in // Marketing and strategy // Advertising communication // Corporate identiy // Audio and video production // Web design // Social media // Logo design // …