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All member companies of the FDI are specialised in conveying studies, instalment, commissioning, maintaining and troubleshooting of telecommunications equipment, data transmission and security systems.

Moskito was asked to create an entire new corporate identity that would give them a younger and more modern look. With the new identity they also required a new website that should not only achieve a visual refresh but that should also exhibit some new core functionalities.

Our solution was a simple and clean layout; the site focuses primarily on its content, thus the layout was build in a way to highlight text. The periodical use of four coloured icons, representing every sector of FDI, gave the website enough colour and contrast to keep it interesting.

The website should have two main aims. First the site should be an informational website for visitors and second it should serve as communication platform for FDI members. The core functionality, a blog system, was especially created for FDI members. A blog should inform members and visitors about news and articles regarding FDI topics.