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    CMCM – Caisse Médico-Chirurgical Mutualiste
The CMCM Assistance campaign was launched before the summer 2015 to inform people about the benefits included in the basic insurance plan of  the “Caisse Médico-Chirurgicale Mutualiste”. In fact, many people (including their own clients) were not aware that their whole family was insured outside of the country while on holidays.


In order to also work on their image, the campaign was sought out to have this sympathetic feel. Working with kids’ drawings and their testimonies also made it very memorable and it stood out from the crowd. The concept of the campaign was simple: kids told about their vacation and how, thanks to the CMCM, they ended up being good and memorable holidays after all.


The media for this campaign included back of buses, a cube structure in the main train station, magazine ads and radio. (Pictures of buses, curtsy of IPL).